My Friend’s Divorce History

Everyone knows divorce is a sensitive issue. Divorce can change whole life I mean can ruin a life, But sometimes divorce starts a new and cool life. There have some official rules having divorce in any country. The rules depend on country, environment, culture and tradition. So, a divorce lawyer must be hired for the processing of divorce. have some wonderful lawyers.

Now I am going to share one of my friend’s divorce history.

My friend Nehal is awesome and handsome both beauty and work. He is a rich person just like me. A couple of days ago he divorced his beloved wife though he had no children. Once he was so much love with his wife that he can die to save his wife. Three years ago he fell in love with a beautiful and rich girl though he was rich too. They were having a good time and good memories too. Actually, they both love adventure that’s why they visited more than 20 counties. Cool right? I wish I could.

One day my friend lost millions of dollars in business then he became crazy. He tried too much to overcome his problems but he couldn’t, that’s the main reason for their divorce. He sometimes over dominated with his wife even killed her. So, she decided to have a divorce with him. I tried to save their divorce but couldn’t because they both were extreme level. Now my friend has nothing but memories.

Nowadays he realizes he did mistake but also know he has nothing to do. After some days of divorce, he tried to understand his wife for rethinking but she didn’t. why she do? Should she?

Divorce is not just the worst decision but the decision takes our soul, forever. My advice to people doesn’t ever take the decision of divorce. When having a bad time go aboard and don’t talk for a week they see the result.