Whistleblower Law Firm Locks Down Funds to Support Time’s Up Movement

The Time’s Up movement has swept across the nation, empowering women who have been silenced about their experience with sexual harassment in the workplace. This wave of information and uprising is culturally long overdue. In a first world country, it is of utmost importance that women are heard and valued. Unfortunately, in America, women are still fighting for their voices to be heard and treated as equals. While women are still fighting for equal rights to men in 2018, it still seems that there is a long road ahead for the country. As women are stepping forward to share their stories of harassment in the workplace, lawyers are stepping forward to represent them. The Whistleblower Law Firm located in Tampa, Florida, secured funds from the Time’s Up legal defense. The law firm was founded by whistleblower attorney Natalie Khawam.

It’s sad just how commonplace sexual harassment is within a work environment. The number of stories that have come out in response to the Time’s Up movement has been overwhelming. One of these women is Gloria Tuck. Gloria Tuck has been dealing with sexual harassment within the workplace for years. In a male-dominated work environment, there was little done for her when she was continually sexually harassed on the job. Ms. Tuck is on here journey for justice. Gloria Tuck works as the Assistant Program Manager for Logistics at Program Manager, Training Systems in Orlando, FL under the Marine Corps Systems Command under the Department of Defense. Mr. Daniel Torgler, was assigned as Deputy Program Manager at the time and was assigned Ms. Tuck. Unfortunately, Torgler sexually harassed Ms. Tuck, and when the problem was reported, next to nothing was addressed. With the Time’s Up Movement, this problem is not going unheard, and Attorney Natalie Khawam and the Whistleblower Law Firm secured funds to represent clients that deserve justice like Ms. Tuck.

What this shows is that there is a cultural workplace issue that exists within this department. The fact that this issue was not taken more seriously, was addressed,  Ms. Tuck felt like she was heard, and that it wasn’t assured that it would not happen again is seriously problematic. This sends a message to the women who work there that they don’t matter, they are not worthy of being treated properly, and no recourse will be taken to fix inappropriate workplace behavior. This is the message that was sent to Ms. Tuck, so rightfully she sought outside help and took legal recourse.  Often speaking up about issues within the workplace does not come without backlash, and Ms. Tuck was not exempt from this kind of retaliation. To think that women like Ms. Tuck go to work in the same place every day and feel a level of fear or uncertainty about their manager and remain powerless is unacceptable. Ms. Tuck knew this and took matters to an outside source. Attorney Natalie Khawam primarily focuses on whistleblower laws and is an expert in her field with over 15 years of experience fighting for justice and seeking the truth.

Women today are still breaking glass ceilings, having to prove that they are just as qualified as men for a job while trying to fight sexual harassment at the same time. How we think about women and treat them needs to change in this country, and this goes for both men and women. People need to speak out against things that are unjust and not go with the flow because ‘that’s just the way things are around here.’ Workplace training and education is necessary, and change is inevitable, especially in times where women are finished being pushed to the side and silenced. For centuries in this country, women have had to fight for fundamental rights, equality, and a safe place to exist. Hopefully, Ms. Tuck will receive the platform she needs to tell her story and ensure that measures are taken to keep her and other women in that workplace safe as well. As we move forward as a country, these stories matter in making a cultural climate where equality is valued, women are appreciated, and we can except that although we are different, we all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. This is not a change that occurs overnight, and women know that because they have been fighting for decency for many generations. Movements like Time’s Up are vital in bringing awareness to the inequality gap that exists in our country.